Best Practice Programme in Promoting Academic Integrity

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петък, 20 август 2021


Academic integrity is under increasing threat. It is threatened by technological advancements, the commercialisation of higher education, the burgeoning essay mills industry, reduced governmental funding for education, and corruption in governments. In some cases, it is challenged by direct or indirect political pressure from public authorities.

Promoting academic integrity remains fundamental to the credibility of higher education institutions and providing quality online and in-person education, even during emergency conditions.

In this context, the Council of Europe is launching a Best Practice Programme in Promoting Academic Integrity. The aim of the Programme is to identify, publicly recognise and disseminate relevant practices in promoting academic integrity throughout higher education institutions in Europe, in light of the difficulties that have transpired since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call for Applications

Application Form

Programme Leaflet

Important dates:

Deadline for submitting applications: 20 August 2021

Award ceremony: November - December 2021

Dissemination of all practices to other higher education institutions: December 2021 – January 2022