ENSCON'19-Spring – International Congress of Energy, Economy and Security

сряда, 23 януари 2019 16:04 /
събота, 06 април 2019
неделя, 07 април 2019
Istanbul, Turkey

ENSCON’19-SpringInternational Congress of Energy, Economy and Security 2019-Spring will be held at the Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi Hotel on April 6-7, 2019, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Topics of the congress cover all fields of energy such as energy economy, national energy amd mining policies, energy security, renewable energy details can be found in the SCOPE OF CONGRESS.
  • The papers from the relevant fields but not mentioned under the scope of the Congress will also be evaluated.
  • Oral or poster presentations are optional.
  • Papers in areas that are not included in the scope of congress will also be evaluated.
  • You can also participate by video conference via SKYPE. For SKYPE presentations, participation certificates and invoices will be sent to the address by mail.
  • The evaluation process for the acceptance of the papers will be completed within 5 days.
  • After your acceptance letter is received, please kindly complete the application by uploading the bank receipt image and the signed registration form image to the relevant fields on the Applications page.
  • The language of the ENSCON'19-Spring is Turkish and English.
Abstract submission deadline: March 13, 2019.
For further information see the ENSCON`19 website